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Root Canal Q & A

Do I need a root canal?

The goal of a root canal is to alleviate pain and save an infected tooth. If your tooth becomes critically infected from the inside, Dr. Hahn at Family Dental Choice takes out the bacteria and any dead or dying tissue. Doing so lets him get rid of your pain and preserve your tooth.

What causes the root of a tooth to become infected?

Tissue and roots inside of your teeth can get infected with bacteria due to injury to the tooth or from a cavity that remains untreated for too long. The infected tissue can develop inside the pulp or root of your tooth if you neglect to go to the dentist. This can cause a host of other problems if the infection spreads any further, so be sure to seek treatment.

What are the symptoms of an infected tooth?

An infected tooth can become very painful relatively quickly, especially if you don’t take care of it promptly. You may experience these symptoms when you have an infected tooth:

  • Inflamed gums
  • Tooth soreness when eating and drinking
  • Acute tooth sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • Bad breath
  • Pus coming from around the tooth
  • Painful throbbing in your jaw or mouth
  • Tooth darkening in color
  • A bump on your gum like a small pimple

How is a root canal performed?

Dr. Hahn can typically mend your tooth in one or two appointments. First, it may be necessary to take a digital X-ray to determine the degree of harm to the tooth requiring the root canal.

When it's time for the procedure to begin, Dr. Hahn will apply a needle to anesthetize the area. Every now and then, he sets a small layer of rubber, or dental dam, around the tooth to safeguard it and keep it sanitary throughout the process. Once your tooth is numb, Dr. Hahn makes a tiny cut in your tooth to reach the infection inside the root.

After this, Dr. Hahn removes the infected and damaged pulp using small files, then washes away any debris from the area with water. After all diseased matter is gone, he either seals the tooth or inserts a non-permanent filling to shield the tooth until you return for a permanent crown.

If you show any signs or symptoms of a tooth infection, be sure to call Family Dental Choice or schedule a consultation with Dr. Hahn online.

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