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How does sedation dentistry work?

Do you find yourself uneasy about attending your upcoming dental appointment? Do you tend to cancel and reschedule appointments due to fear or anxiety? If you have dental anxiety, you are one of the millions of Americans who may have trouble getting into the office for necessary treatments and services. If you are looking for pain-free dentistry, you will want to see a specialist dentist that is experienced in working with nervous patients. Dental phobia is a real fear and can keep patients from achieving and maintaining their oral health. If you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area and want to speak to our providers at Family Dental Choice about your options, connect with our team today to learn more about sedation dentistry.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry refers to the process of using medication to calm and relax patients during dental treatments. Sedation dentistry provides a beneficial combination of safe, effective, pain-free treatments that help patients receive the care they need without their anxiety getting in the way. There are different varieties of sedation methods used by our providers, which can be tailored to your unique needs as a patient. At Family Dental Choice, we offer three distinct services that can help you feel more comfortable during your next appointment:

  • Nitrous oxide. Known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is one of the more common forms of sedation used at our office. Nitrous oxide is administered through a plastic mask worn over your nose and is completely safe for patients of all ages. Nitrous oxide helps you remain conscious throughout your treatments but enables you to feel calm and relaxed at the same time.
  • Oral sedation. Oral sedation is another form of sedation available to our patients that want a more robust form of treatment. To administer oral medication, you will be given a small pill before your appointment that will make you drowsy and help you relax during your procedures. For added benefits, oral sedation can also be combined with other forms of sedation. Our team can help talk you through the different levels of treatment so that we can provide the most beneficial service for your needs and preferences as a patient.
  • IV Sedation. If particularly complex dental procedures are being performed, you may want to consider IV sedation. This type of sedation uses medication delivered through a catheter in your vein and is administered professionally by our provider. This sedative can be tailored to provide the most beneficial results for you as a patient.

Why choose Family Dental Choice of Charlotte, North Carolina?

If you are searching for a dentist that offers pain-free dentistry, contact our specialists at Family Dental Choice today! Our team takes pride in providing gentle and compassionate care for all patients, regardless of their comfort levels or preferences. From routine cleanings to cosmetic smile makeovers and everything in between, we have the skills, experience, and technology needed to give you the oral health you deserve without discomfort or anxiety. Call (704) 741-1307 to request a visit with Dr. Philip Hahn at 16049 Johnston Road, Suite I.