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Sedation Dentistry – Charlotte, NC

We know that the mere idea of going to the dentist is enough to make some people break out into a cold sweat: anxiety, anticipation of pain, or the inability to sit still are only some of the reasons people put off their treatments. If you’re one of those people, then worry no more. Family Dental Choice is pleased to offer sedation dentistry. From deep cleanings to oral surgeries, there is a safe and effective solution to ensure your comfort.

There are three levels of sedation we may offer: mild sedation, moderate sedation, or deep sedation. We are licensed by the American Dental Association to administer all three, allowing you to experience anxiety-free and pain-free dentistry. Sedation dentistry is closely regulated by law and determined to be safe for most procedures.

If you are interested in learning more about sedation dentistry, be sure to let us know when you call to schedule your appointment. We’d be happy to review your options at your next visit.

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