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Periodontal Treatments – Charlotte, NC

If you’ve been diagnosed with gum disease, there are several treatment options available to you. These treatments range from nonsurgical (our preference, whenever possible) to surgical (which is required in more serious cases of gum disease).

Non-Surgical Treatments

If your gum disease cannot be reversed with a rigorous dental health routine, then we may suggest a deep cleaning. During the first part of this procedure, an ultrasonic device is used to remove bacteria-causing plaque from the teeth, under the gum line, and around the teeth roots. Then, the teeth and roots are smoothed to provide a healthy surface that allows the gum tissue to reattach to the teeth. This procedure is not a cure-all, however. A healthy lifestyle, proper dental care, and regular visits to Family Dental Choice are all necessary to prevent future occurrences of gum disease.

Surgical Treatment Options

If your gum disease is more severe, then we may suggest surgical treatment options. The type of surgery you require is determined by your individual needs and can include any of the following:

Pocket Depth Reduction – This procedure involves removing the bacteria, plaque, and tartar hiding beneath the gumline then sewing the healthy tissue back in place so that the gums can reattach to the teeth.

Regeneration – Like Pocket Depth Reduction, regeneration begins with cleaning beneath the gumline. If your gum disease has resulted in loss of bone or tissue that support your teeth, then we may perform a bone graft or apply a tissue-growth stimulating protein – both of which result in regeneration of the structures that support your teeth.

Soft-Tissue Graft – One symptom of gum disease is gum recession, which exposes more of the roots and can lead to sensitivity to cold or hot foods. During a soft-tissue graft, tissue from the top of your mouth is stitched to the gum area, covering the exposed roots and returning your gum line to its original location.

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