Treats That WON’T (and Will) Treat Your Teeth

Halloween is just around the corner, and the temptation to indulge in sweet treats is strong. Before you head to your nearest warehouse retailer to buy enough Snickers to satisfy all of your local ghosts and goblins, think about which kind of candy will simultaneously make the neighborhood kids happy without destroying their teeth (or yours). Need some pointers? We’ve got you covered like a custom-made costume.

Treats to Avoid

We’re all about the getting into the “spirit” of things this Halloween, so we have no intentions of telling you to give out trinkets that will make you the target of neighborhood tricksters. Some treats, however, are worse than others; avoid the following snacks if at all possible:

Better Options

No matter what the kids might tell you, it is possible to hand out treats that won’t destroy their teeth. Some of your better options include:

If you’re worried that a candy binge may have harmed your smile, contact Family Dental Choice today to schedule an appointment. When it comes to decay, early intervention is key. Let us keep your smile beautiful for all of the upcoming holidays.

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